12 Sure shot ways to Improve Your Digestion…

Improve you Digestion…… If your digestion is effected, everything else is affected.

Feeling bloated always? Uneasy in the gut leading to constipation, diarrhea, flatulence?, one must know that there is a deep connection between the brain & gut. The brain gut axis is connected with the vagus nerve. Most of the ibs sufferers are given anti depressants or calming medications to ease their gut issues. Try the following.

1. Take 1 teaspoon ajwain mixed with rock salt and sunth powder every night with warm or regular water.

2. Drink peppermint tea whenever you feel severely bloated

3. Take a mild relaxing powder like Ashwagandha or Shankhpushpi.

4. Wear a tiger eye crystal to balance the solar plexus, if possible combine it with amethyst or kunzite.

5. Chew saunf after every meal.

6. Try having buttermilk with lavan bhaskar churna (optional) everyday. Those who have complaint of cold must avoid this.

7. A teaspoon of hingvashtak churna with warm water or ghee before meals helps in control of gas formation.

8. For constipation one can take laxative like isabgol every night, also massaging the stomach with oil clockwise helps .

9. Probiotics are safer choices to maintain a balance of good bacteria in the stomach and protect the stomach lining.

10. Try avoiding raw food, drink more of juices or have fresh fruits.

11. Keep a journal of problem foods, that trigger the condition, try to avoid it as different food. Have different results to people. So identify what suits you, not a basic plan works for all.

12. Meditate often

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