Vaastu Shastra is one of the most ancient knowledge passed on to us by our sages. It is basically the science of architecture and directions that helps us in living in harmony with our place of living or working. It tells us how the flow of life force energy (Chi) in a building/ dwelling unit takes place. Vaastu Shastra considers the five elements of Earth, Fire, Vaayu (Air), Water and Akaash (space) in relation to the building.

How Vaastu defects affect us

By following the principles of Vaastu Shastra we can lead a happy and fulfilling life. We can avoid a number of problems that could befall us due to stale and negative energy in a building due to its wrong Vaastu. Those living in buildings that are not Vaastu compliant could unnecessarily lead a miserable life in terms of their health and relationships. Vaastu defects could force one to face problems like blocked money/ financial drain, relationship problems, accidents, health problems, educational problems, marital problems, children not getting married, legal/ court problems, not getting fame/ recognition despite doing good work, not getting desired results even after putting lot of efforts etc. By getting the Vaastu of our place corrected, we could avoid all such problems and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

How Healiya Vaastu Services could help you

In order to make a building/ house etc. Vaastu compliant you need the services of an experienced Vaastu consultant. Here is when we come handy. Our Vaastu expert has a vast experience in providing Vaastu consultancy services of all types. Our services include post and pre-construction stage of the building. In order to make already constructed buildings/ houses/ shops/ factories etc. Vaastu compliant, our services include its Vaastu analysis and Vaastu Correction, as far as possible, without any alteration of the structure. We also provide Vaastu consultation services for pre- buying a plot/ house etc

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