I am suffering from a rare Japanese disease called Kikuchi Fujimoto which has no treatment in the modern medical science. At first I was mis-diagnosed by doctors as having TB and then some other doctors told me that I was having cancer. After further tests my problem was confirmed as Kikuchi Fujimoto a rare Japanese disease that affects females between 20-30 years. I tried all sort of doctors but none could provide me any relief. For bringing down my fever and reducing the swelling in my glands, they even gave me a lot of steroids which further aggravated my problem without any relief whatsoever. When I first came to Sh. T P Singh for treatment, I was having fever for the last one month without any break despite taking fever medicines 3 times a day. I had swelling of glands starting right from my cervical bone to neck to face and even reaching below my eye which started giving so much pain in my eye also. After just one day's treatment my fever came down to a great extent and after three days of his treatment the fever was totally gone and the swelling started to subside. After 3 weeks of treatment, I have had no fever since then and swelling of the glands is almost gone. Now, only some swellings which are not even noticeable are left and with each healing this swelling is also going away. Before his treatment I had so much suffering and mental agony even thinking what my rest of life would be from now onwards. But, luckily I went to Mr. T P Singh for healing and my life is back to normal once again. I am so much thankful to Sh. T P Singh that I cannot even explain with words.

– Shruti (name changed on her request).

I was really amazed at the range of therapies they have and used a combination of Acupressure and Reiki to treat my problems from their root. I was lucky to find them and get treatment for my innumerable problems starting with anxiety, traumatic experiences etc. which resulted in High BP and Diabetes. Within a period of just 4 months I have got rid of most of my problems. I am really grateful to Mr. T P Singh.

RAkesh Sharma

I had a very happy experience while taking treatment for my mother who was suffering from various back ache, insomnia and depression. Their drugless treatment did wonders to her health especially emotional health within a short period of just 10 days and she is out of most of the problems within about 3 weeks time

Sumit kumar

"I have had insomnia for a number of years now and I have used various treatments to help me get to sleep. In the beginning, I really had doubts on whether Reiki is effective but I had a Reiki treatment with Mr. T P Singh all those doubts are things of the past. I am now a great believer of Reiki healing. Just after 3 sessions of Reiki healing, I was able to get to sleep and stay asleep all night waking up rested without any medication. For the last one year since I took the Reiki healing treatment, I am able to easily go to sleep and feel so much better. This is such a blessing which I missed for a number of years. I am so much thankful and appreciative of Sh. T P Singh.

Rajiv Kumar